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Keynote, inspirational / impact session

With Christine as a speaker, you are assured of a lively conference. Your audience will learn to understand the impact of digital work in a humorous way. Punctuated with relevant tips and inspiring examples, participants return home motivated to take action and improve digital comfort.

Feedback from participants

“Very good training Christine taught us a lot and is very “animatrice”. Interaction with it is encouraged“

“I leave with real solutions in my head!”

“Many things we already know but we were not aware so very interesting / important to realize it to save time.”

Contemporary topics for
more digital well-being

  • Slave or master of digital work? Can we avoid: infobesitas (information overload, FOMO (fear of missing), Facebook addict, Internet distraction, e-mail transfer, etc.)? Christine makes you aware of the pitfalls of digital work in a humorous way and gives you practical advice on how to use digital tools effectively without becoming a slave.
  • Accessibility in the 21st Century: Do’s and Don’ts! There are often many expectations and assumptions about being accessible at this time. With this conference, your audience will receive tips and tricks for optimal digital comfort in professional life.
  • Etiquette in digital work: How do we deal with digital communication? Sometimes we forget that this is communication between people and not between machines. What guidelines and agreements can ensure that digital communication is also effective? What “label” can we use to work digitally?
  • Smarter than your smartphone: your smartphone rings, seeks constant attention and is a seductive seducer for distraction. How is this relationship with your smartphone and how can we silence its seduction techniques?


Christine can give a lecture on the folowing topics:

  • Slave or master of working/living digitally?
  • Is a digital detox necessary?
  • Accessibility: a curse or a blessing?
  • Mastering the digital temptation
  • Unplugged: sense and nonsense

Christine is Certified Keynote Speaker

Christine Wittoeck is connected to B2Speak Speakers Agency and can be booked through this organization.

Some references

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  • ManAs



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  • Markant
  • Mensura
  • NIBC
  • PIVA Antwerpen
  • Prenne (Prebes)
  • PVI (Provinciaal Veiligheidsinstituut – Provincie Antwerpen)
  • Vastgoed Alliantie
  • YourCoach Café Gent (verslag)


Practical information

  • Session
    • Keynote lecture – 30 minutes
    • Inspiration session Max 2 hours  (including Q & A)
    • Impact Session – Half a day (including practical exercises)


  • Understanding the impact of digitization and hyperconnectivity on work and life
  • Less digital agitation, more digital comfort


Participants get a first glimpse into their own digital turmoil, how to handle it and receive practical tips to turn that into digital comfort.

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Christine is Certified Keynote Speaker

Christine Wittoeck is connected to B2Speak Speakers Agency and can be booked through this organization.

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