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Who is Christine Wittoeck?

Christine Wittoeck is the founder and director of Digital Detox Academy.

Fascinated by behavior and behavioral change, Christine sees her mission in raising public awareness about controlling our own behavior. Behavior that influences us every day. More specifically, she wants to make everyone aware digital tools are also under our behavioral control.

We live in a digital world, but it should not cause stress! With more than 25 years of experience in international companies such as IT specialist, sales and in marketing, Christine is an expert in this field.

About Digital Detox Academy

At the end of 2010, Christine Wittoeck was diagnosed with “burnout”. Three years later, she began a new career, had a deeper vision of her talents and passions and a great significance in life.

She is an entert (r) ainer and digital detox coach. She is the driving force behind Digital Detox Academy®.

She believes that we can manage digital communication in a healthy and conscious way. With her speeches and workshops, she provides ideas and tools to get work done, to create an own ideal digital framework in which happiness and pleasure are at the center. She wants to facilitate digital well-being in teams and companies with concrete, practical and interactive courses and courses.

The Digital Detox Academy was born from Christine’s personal experience as a professional, as she knows from her own background that it is crucial to transform Digital Unrest into Digital Comfort.

Passionate about entertainment, training, coaching and personal development, she involves her audience in everything she does … with a lot of fire and the necessary amount of humor.

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