From digital stress to digital efficiency!

Laptop, tablet and / or smartphone become indispensable tools in our lives.

Mental well-being is under pressure due to digitization, modern communication systems, hyper connectivity, and 24/7 availability

  • Employees lose focus
  • They are always available online
  • They lose their way in the tangle of communication possibilities
  • They burn out
    Their resilience is being undermined

Now is the time toto start to support digital well-being in the workplace.

Start today, take action and guide your employees to digital comfort.

Information exchange has no limits, it can be done 24/24, 7 days a week.

Smartphone, laptop, tablet, office programs, digital tools, apps, … they are indispensable, both private and professional. The evolution of technology allows people to get more information in a shorter time. The communication possibilities seem infinite, we can no longer see the trees through the forest.

In March 2019 Christine Wittoeck told “De Madammen” on Radio2 what the 3 pillars of Digital Detox are.

View the full interview (Dutch) on
Youtube channel

Digital tools too often cause digital unrest and that is now the ideal ally for burnout.

Digital Detox Test

What about your digital turmoil? How addicted are you to your digital tools?

Take the test and find out to what extent you are a digital junkie or not.

Digital Detox Test for your department or company?

You let your employees complete the test and we provide an analysis of your company. Ask for more information.

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What is Digital Detox?

Digital Detox is more than "unplugged" or "offline gaan".

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